Diving sites Martinique - divemap

Discover the best diving sites in Martinique with your scuba diving centre : KALINAGO !

Pointe Borgnèse : 3 to 20 meters, ideal for first dives and to start level 1 certification.

Barradive : little coral reef, between 5 and 20 meters.

Les 3 Vallées : one of the top dives in the south, with underwater sand banks and valley.

Petit mur : 10 to 40 meters, little fall/cliff with lots of fish.

Titanic : ship wreck resting 13 meters deep, with a little cliff rich in marine life (turtles, batfish...).

Ralf dive : 12 to 20 meters, an extention of the Titanic's fall/cliff.

Foufoune dive : near Dunkerque'tip, between 16 to 50 meters, with lots of stingrays and green turtles.

Baronne dive : level 2 certification required for this cliff/fall rich in angel fish, dogtooth snaper hiding in the caves, 33 meters deep ! great thrill !

Poulpe dive : more south by the Atlantic Ocean, between 1 and 50 meters. Level 1 certification required to watch turtles, rays, and lots of fish...

Turtle : exceptionnal diving site in the Atlantic between 15 and 30 meters deep, with lots of turtles.

Tombant du lieutenant : the lieutenant's cliff/fall (in the Atlantic Ocean): between 20 and 60 meters deep, a wonderful fall with a grass bottom, with lots of fish and turtles.

Atlantica : Between Cabri island and the Devil's Table, between 10 and 35 meters deep, you'll find underwater caves full of rays, turtles, queen triggerfish, shoals of jacks...