KALINAGO, your diving club, will know how to train you on every level of certification, from level 1 to diving instructor.
And this, no matter what your experience is when you begin.

Don’t hesitate to ask more informations about this, we will be happy to get back to you.

Level 1

• Aquire the bases of moving in the water.
• Get ready to learn the diving techniques.
• Discover the sensation of a new environment.
• Get used to the most important disturbances of the environment.
• Use the equipment.
• Get in the water and immerse.
• Control your breathing.
• Move with a group of divers in a reassuring environment.
• Communication with your instructor.
• Be aware of your own security :
- above the water, and underwater
• Use a floating devise for your stability.
• Perfect your communication.
• Move with a group of divers in the median space.

level 2

• Perfect basic techniques.
• Increase your autonomy of mobility.
• Adapt yourself to the conditions you’ll encounter during the dive.
• Manage a dive in the median space with other divers with level 2, under the responsibility of the master diver instructor, who will impose the characteristics of the dive.
• Assure your own safety during the dive, and assist your mates if in difficulty.
• Evolve in a distant spot, learning with an instructor .
• Get used to the depth (distant spot).
• Move with a group of divers in a distant spot with a guide.

level 3

• Prevent the risks of a group of divers of similar level.
• Perfect the rescue techniques acquired during level 2, and adapt them to any situation.
• Manage fist aid suitable for diving.
• Organize a dive with other divers of similar level.
• Learn how to use a small tender during dives.
• Evolve without a guide in a distant spot, or even farther, with other divers with a similar level.
• Acquire competencies to make your own decisions in the organization of the dive.

But also, on request, certification towards level 4, and CMAS instructor.


Niveaux de plongée sous-marine